Marblehead Youth Lacrosse Boys

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U-11 In-Town 8v8 League
Mission and Rules (dated March 1, 2012)


  • To provide U-11 players an opportunity to develop solid foundational lacrosse skills of catching, throwing, and ground-ball recovery in a small-field setting
  • To teach good sportsmanship, respect for the game, officials, teammates and competitors
  • Provide all players with equal playing time and opportunity

8v8 Rules:

  • Play shall be governed by the current National Federation of State High School Associations Boys Lacrosse Rules except as modified by the Marblehead Lacrosse League Board of Directors thru this Rules Memorandum
  • Field
    • All games will be played on a small rectangular field marked with a midfield line and center wing lines
    • Creases will be centered from end line with 9’ radius painted/marked with flat cones
  • Teams/Players
    • Games are played with 7 players (2 attack, 3 mids and 2 defense) on the field and one goalie
    • Excluding goalies, each team will be allowed a maximum of 4 field players on either side of the mid-field line at any one time
  • Timing
    • Time shall be kept centrally. Games shall be 2-20 minute halves running time
    • 5 minute intermission.  Run off central clock.
    • Face-Offs - Attackmen and defenders shall remain on or behind the goal-line extended until possession is called
    • Face-offs will be conducted at the game start, beginning of the second-half and following each goal
  • Each team must make one pass in the offensive zone once over midfield prior to taking a shot
  • Scoring
    • In the event of a tie, a one 3 minute running-time sudden victory, overtime period(s) will be played
    • If the score is still tied at the end of the first overtime period each team will pick two players and a goalie to play braveheart – first goal wins
    • If a team goeas ahead by 5 goals, there will be no face-off and team trailing will be awarded ball at midfield
  • Pass Rule: In transition, the team with the ball must COMPLETE a pass after the player crosses midfield before shooting. If the offensive team passes over the midfield, they must still complete a pass on the offensive side of the field. If after they complete the pass they drop the ball at some point and regain possession off the ground ball, they DO NOT need to complete another pass. If the other team gains possession in the defensive zone the pass rule re-sets and the offensive team needs to complete a pass if they in turn regain possession before the clear. If the offensive team regains possession after a shot, the pass rule re-sets and they must complete a pass before shooting.
  • Checking
    • There is no body checking at U-11 such as man/ball.  Equal pressure is allowed when going for the ball and stick on stick checking is allowed
    • One-handed stick/wrap or tomahawk checks will automatically be considered a slash
  • Penalties
    • There will be no time-serving penalties – players who commit a personal foul will be immediately substituted. Play resumes with possession change (i.e. no fast break)
    • 3 personal fouls committed by a player in one half will result in the player being disqualified for the remainder of the half.  Player fouls shall be kept by one of the coaches.
  • Each game will be refereed by one official provided by the league
  • Substitutions
    • Coaches can make substitutions on the fly (one on one off at a time from the substitution area only) ball out of bounds anywhere, penalty stoppages and goal scores.
    • A player must step completely off the field before the substitute can enter..
    • Misc. offside and out-of-bounds occur when the ball or player touches the applicable line